The timing on this was horrible

The worst possible time to attempt to schedule a total furnace and air conditioner replacement is in the middle of summer.  It doesn’t really matter where you live, or the time of the year the tourist season is for whatever are of the country you’re in, almost everyone uses their air conditioning more when it’s hot out so that is naturally when the HVAC installation and service companies are the busiest.  I was afraid our machine would not last us to the end of the summer months so I knew we needed to decide quickly. The big problem was that I had to pick a company to contract and there were at least a dozen in our immediate area to choose from. When I know I’m going to spend enough money to buy a brand new cooling system, it doesn’t matter what the cash is allocated for, I want to make sure I’m spending all of it wisely.  My friendly neighbor came up with the idea of reading reviews on the internet but I told him I had only ever done that for steakhouses and electronics companies–I had never really compared reviews for stuff like house repair contractors. In the past it almost always came down to me hiring the very first repairman that agreed to come out and at the lowest price too! I quickly discovered why comparing customer reviews on all kinds of companies is so beneficial.  Some AC replacements include added service contracts for anything from your typical general maintenance to more expensive contracts that even include replacement parts and repairs. Certain companies also only install specific brands of cooling systems, so we had to consider that too. After some deliberation, we finally chose a company that seemed reliable and trustworthy to us and we simply couldn’t be happier with the deal we finally got. They gave us a discount on new ductwork with our new HVAC system and they also hooked us up with a complete service and maintenance contract.

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