The theater’s all had different HVAC settings

The one show that felt heated was basically a stationary musical

My best friend Sherry and I recently went on a trip up north to the city. We decided to see musicals done on a professional stage. We saw three of them in a short trip. Each musical was amazing and quite different. What was neat is that every production was done in a new venue. You would think that every stage is the same and theater experience would be similar. Nope, the venues all permitted different things and were laid out different. One venue allowed food and snacks inside. So constantly I could hear crunching during the show. Another one had a strict dress code which made Sherry and I have to buy new outfits. What I especially found interesting was that the climate control was considerably different for each event. I assumed every theater production would have heavy AC. The dancers need to be kept cool and the singers don’t want to sweat to death. This was not the case at all. I had one show were the AC was cranked, another where there seemed to be no HVAC and the other almost felt heated. I think the HVAC settings depends on a lot of different factors. I think the theater has its own central thermostat and rules for how much heat and air it gives off. I also think the type of shows affect the climate control settings. Shows with more movement, dancing and jumping about tended to have more AC. The one show that felt heated was basically a stationary musical. I could see where the theater could have heating and not affect the performers.


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