The temperature settings

Last summer, my area experienced a very unusual heatwave. I am not accustomed to temperatures in the high nineties and was totally unprepared. I’ve always been just fine without a central cooling system. I keep the windows open and use a combination of window fans and box fans. While there’s an occasional hot and sticky night, I’ve never felt the need to invest in air conditioning. This past year, however, my house became extremely overheated and clammy. There was condensation running down the windows, and no breeze whatsoever. The worst of it was at night. I found it impossible to sleep, and getting up for work in the morning was torture. I called all of the local HVAC contractors, hoping to schedule the installation of central cooling. They were all booked solid, and the closest available appointment was for two months later. I doubted I’d need air conditioning in two months. I then checked every hardware store in the area, but couldn’t find a single portable air conditioner. They were completely sold out. I was finally able to order an air conditioner over the internet, and it was delivered to my front door two days later. I was surprised by the compact size of the unit. It was so lightweight that I easily carried it up the stairs and installed it into my bedroom window. I simply plugged it in and started it up. Despite the small size, the air conditioner is wonderfully powerful. It is able to cool down the entire bedroom within a few minutes. I control the temperature settings and fan speeds from a cordless remote. I don’t even need to get out of bed to make adjustments. The air conditioner has improved the comfort, air quality and comfort of my bedroom.

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