The store a/c should really be taken care of

Don’t you hate it when you are out food shopping in addition to you find that the check out line is super long? I know I can not rest it when this goes on! Because of this happening a lot lately at our nearby grocery store I had thought about signing up a delivery service.

But the price for those are too big for me.

For one thing, I legitimately hate being stuck in those long lines during the summer time. It legitimately gets way too chilly due to the air conditioning unit! The air vents from the central air conditioning method are right above where the lines are created. The air coming out of the vents feels like it is -10 degrees. I get why they do it though. They need the cold air for fruits, meats in addition to frozen foods. Also the workers would be dying moving around without air cooling in there. The grocery store also boasts that they have the best central air conditioning method on the market. So they really like to crank the AC to prove they can cool such a large space. It makes the actual shopping go pretty well when you are moving in addition to pulling things. As long as you are mobile, heavy AC is ideal. But those lines…this is where it gets to be a concern! I hate waiting in addition to being jammed in with a bunch of strangers. I also hate freezing to death while waiting for our turn to check out. Self check out is constantly as long of a line as well.



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