The spiders didn’t like the heated floors too much

They all settled back down in a couple of hours.

When all of us had to evacuate due to flooding I made sure to take all of our pets. Much to my sibling’s chagrin, this included all 12 of our pet tarantulas. She doesn’t love spider pets absolutely much even though I couldn’t leave them behind to drown now could I? Happily, my sibling was understanding and let myself and others take the tarantulas to her household. She didn’t have a shelf for myself and others to put our pets on, like I have at my household, so I had to put their tanks all on the floor in the family room. Shortly after our arrival all of us went out to dinner. When all of us got home my sibling was the first to notice that our tarantulas were running around like crazy in their tanks… It was freaking her out, and this is not common behavior. It is exceptionally uncommon for all 12 of the tarantulas to be doing it at the same time. It wasn’t long before I figured out the cause. It turns out that my sibling has underfloor heating. My spiders were getting absolutely overheated while being on the heated floors while all of us were having dinner. Being cold blooded pets, they get extremely active when it is warm. So I moved the spiders off of the heated floors and onto the dining room table. They all settled back down in a couple of hours. I better go out and get a nice shelf system for the spiders though. I don’t believe that my sibling will love them living on the dining room table for a few days and I don’t want to put them back down on the radiant heated floors either. Hopefully all of us can go back to our household soon.

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