The South is Relies on King Heat Pump

It doesn’t get much better than sitting outside during the winter in shorts.

This is definitely the kind of winter I have always dreamed of.

Being raised in the great white north, there was never a minute of the winter when I went outside to just grab the paper in shorts. Winter, where I was raised, was simply overwhelming. I grew up there, knew nothing different and I hated it. How I survived my entire adult life locked inside with an HVAC heating system cranking for 6 months I’ll never know. Those winters just went on forever it seemed. Then there was like this brief few months that I was able to actually wear a pair of shorts. But the next thing I knew, I was calling the HVAC people to come out and service the furnace for the upcoming cold weather. Well, no more of that I am happy to report. The wife and I have sold our homeplace up north and scurried as fast as we could to the South. It is everything I had dreamed it might be. The summers are tough, for sure. The heat pump does a great job of keeping the house cool for a reasonable amount of money. It is nothing like heating a home all winter. Then, when the summer heat fades away, the best weather on earth begins. Our winters here are so lovely. It hardly ever gets chilly enough to even switch the heat pump over to warm us up. But the times we have needed it, that heat pump had done the job and then some. No wonder the heat pump is king down here. It is so versatile while providing excellent heating and cooling comfort.


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