The setbacks of living alone

A few years ago when I was in college living with my more than one roommates I was always so excited for the morning that I would be able to graduate & find a site to live on my own.

I am a style of person that prefers having things set up in a certain way, so always having to worry about cleaning up after them & trying to get any sleep at night while they threw “small” parties was so frustrating; Well, now that I am living on my own I am finding out the hard way that it isn’t all I thought it would be, then not only does it get lonely, despite the fact that I don’t have anyone else here to handle things.

One of my aged roommates actually was a slob, but he also worked section time as an Heating & A/C repair tech. Thanks to the work that he did he was able to repair & even update our aged air conditioner unit. Now that I am on my own I am forced to reach out to an Heating & A/C business in neighborhood to have them take care of the air conditioner complications I have which is frustrating, awkward, & offensive! So far I have worked with more than one odd Heating & A/C companies in neighborhood & I have had absolutely little luck with both of them. The first a single did a bad job by giving the wrong diagnosis as to what was wrong with my Heating & A/C unit, & ended up going out of corporation only a few weeks later so I couldn’t get my cash back! Perhaps I should just face the facts & start looking for a roommate, because I can get over their cleanliness flaws if they are willing to help make my life easier.

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