The search for a new HVAC system

When he showed me the mini split HVAC system, I was pleasantly surprised

My husband is one of the most intelligent people I know. He actually infuriates me at times, because he always uses an intelligent approach to all situations. He seldom just wings things, but he needs to know the whys and wherefores. When he decided to not go to the internet for information, but to just dig in and see where it took him, I was shocked. He was looking into a new HVAC system for our home. I was expecting him to take weeks, if not months, to suss out all of the information on every HVAC system. He spent a couple of days on the computer and he came upstairs all excited. He told me he had found the perfect HVAC system for our home. I kind of cringed, hoping he was joking, but fearing that he was not. The last time he made a quick decision, cost us thousands of dollars and we were still trying to find someone to take the old church bell out of our garage. I don’t know if he didn’t realize how big it was, or he didn’t care. He thought it would be cool to have the bell from the old church in town. It has been three years, and we are going to donate it to the church, just to get rid of it. When he showed me the mini split HVAC system, I was pleasantly surprised. He said that he had read about them about a year ago, and he knew that if they were as good as he remembered, it would be everything we needed in a HVAC system. I was wrong about how much time he would spend on the HVAC. It was a year and not two months.