The same type of thermostat

After three years of working at the same school and teaching the same classes, I was comfortable with the routine and confident in my duties. I knew exactly how to prepare for the school year, what I needed for all my classes, and how to teach my students well. But everything suddenly changed a few days ago when I learned that not only had my classroom changed, but my schedule did as well. And, I was now supposed to teach a math class! I was petrified. I have never taught a math class in my life, and have no idea where to begin. To make matters worse, school starts in only a few days! I’m also pretty annoyed with the HVAC situation in the new classroom. It’s not far from my old classroom, and yet the air conditioning and heating seem to run quite poorly in comparison. The air conditioning, specifically, makes an obnoxious rattling noise whenever I turn it on, which is sure to be very distracting when I try to teach. My new classroom also has an analog thermostat, instead of a digital thermostat like my old classroom. This makes it hard for me to figure out exactly what temperature I have set my air conditioning or heat to. In my other classroom, I used to set specific temperatures on a regular basis. I wish my new classroom had a similar type of thermostat to make life easier! I am sure that I will eventually become accustomed to the differences in my new classroom and teaching schedule, but in the meantime, I am a bit overwhelmed.

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