The radiators and being clean

I care about electric heating, but it does not come without its difficulties! Every form of Heating and A/C machine has some sort of adherent you will face… If you have forced air, then you’re dealing with air filters which need to be changed every single month, if not sooner. If you have a boiler system, then you need to change the furnace filter and have the water tank descaled to stop limescale buildup due to hard water. Then if you have electric baseboard heating as we have, you have to think about the baseboards themselves. Boiler systems heat the water, and the warm air rises gently from it. Electric baseboards are an electric heating machine hidden without that baseboard. If you push something close enough to the heating coil, it will actually become burned. Furthermore, those baseboards need to be especially long to heat a room well. With a boiler, you just have a radiator that takes up only a little area in comparison to a baseboard heating machine that runs the whole length of the room. Pretty similar to any vent for forced air or a radiator for a boiler, you have to make sure those baseboards are not covered by anything. This is not simple when the baseboard happens to be the length of an entire wall! You have to get pretty well into minimalism to keep those things free from obstruction. But even if you just put your bed next to the baseboard of your electric heater, you’ll certainly run into heating troubles down the road. No matter how much furniture shuffling you need to do, you’ll see a much warmer residence by making sure you can see the baseboard heating machines in every room.

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