The pros of having a rich roommate

I grew in a very average middle class household. We weren’t living out of a shoebox or anything like that, but we most definitely weren’t rich. That’s why when I graduated from college and moved into an apartment with a very rich roomate, it was a bit of a shock for me. When we first moved in he started talking to me about all of the things that he wanted to upgrade in the place. He actually was referring to the apartment as an “old dump” even though it was built in 2017, but I don’t think calling it that would do it justice. He kept telling me that he couldn’t wait until we had the radiant heated floors installed. With me growing up in a house that barely had a working heated gas furnace, I had no idea what in the world a radiant heated floor was. When I told my new roomate this I thought his jaw was literally going to hit the floor. He just kept telling me that I was in for a real treat, so I just shrugged my shoulders and kept on unpacking. A few weeks later when the HVAC company was finished up with the radiant flooring installation I couldn’t get enough of them!  Let me tell you something, this guy might be very over the top and a little rude, but it is awesome living with him! He always stocks the fridge with more food than we could ever eat, I get to drive his cars, and his parents stop by every week to give us money and take us out to dinner! I’m not getting my hopes up but I am planning on being this guy’s roommate as long as I possibly can!