The problems are building up

My fiance has her own pest control dealer, I found out. She has used this specific person for just about six years now. But, I had started working for a pest control service as an internship in school, then as I was finishing up in my senior year, I went full time. It did not take nearly as long as I thought it would to memorize about the different chemicals or even how the way bugs react to them in the cleaning. I found myself completely mesmerized by the entire process. I took a few college courses later on about the entomology and chemistry of it all. But, now, after being in the business for more than those six years, I was finally able to branch for my own business adventure. My fiances and I proceeded to acquire a small company that has been able to hire several additional people. My pest control business was even able to have multiple service trucks. I was frustrated when one of the newer trucks was showing to have an a/c problem in the first two months. My crew was complaining incessantly about the a/c as the heat escalated, plus now every one of us are getting closer to the summer scorching heat, it needed to be addressed. It was at our most recent Tuesday meeting, when some of the employees voiced their anger. I knew I had not choice but to service the a/c, while my fiance had already planned on taking care of the problem that week. I was going to surprise the complaining employees by fixing the a/c on my own. Now, I had to tell them the service was already planned for the following Sunday and ruin the surprise. Everyone was thrilled to hear of this needed news, while that was the last complaint I would listen to about the a/c. When it was all over, I even explained about the new trucks being added to the fleet. Thile it meant hiring more than one additional employees, they were up for the change. Our small dealer is still growing in business size, so we couldn’t be happier with the progress towards our future business.

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