the problem with the HVAC


There is nothing worse than walking into a hospital and smelling a lot of horrible odors.  That happened to me recently. I was already so sick that I could not stop vomiting. I was dehydrated and feeling like I was going to pass out.  I walked into the hospital and it smelled more like an outhouse, than a hospital. I couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to their BAS. Normally the HVAC control system would have had the smells gone long before they became a problem.  I was an HVAC technician and I had experience with HVAC control systems. I knew that if there was so much odor in the emergency room, that there was a problem with the Building Automation System. I had helped to install the Building Automation System into this hospital.  Everything was operated through the main computer. They were able to monitor the climate control and ventilation, with one main system, via the internet. It was a truly unique and forward thinking system in the HVAC field. I was in awe as we were installing the BAS into the building.  The hospital was already large and it was always adding more building and more area. Each wing of the hospital was like a separate community that accessible through different hallways. It really is an interesting set up and it is well maintained in ventilation,temperature, humidity, and even the lighting.  To be able to detect odors so noticeably, meant there was a problem with the HVAC control system. If I weren’t feeling so horrible, I may offer to look at it for them.

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