The positives of jumping rope

When I was just a little girl, I really liked to jump rope; I used to practice all the time, attempting to master new sets of jumps.

It was something my buddies plus I did for fun… Now that I’m an adult, I have once again started jumping rope.

I no longer do it for fun or with my buddies. I jump rope for the sake of getting healthy. I’ve discovered that it’s a great cardio workout, jumping rope quickly elevates my heart rate. I needed to work at it to build up my stamina. I am now able to jump rope for a solid 30 to 40 min. I practice the tricks that I used to do as a kid, plus I’m getting better at each one of them. Along with a great cardio workout, I appreciate the accomplishment. As with any fitness activity, I try to jump rope in small doses. I recognize that if I jump for too long, too much, I will end up injuring myself. I always jump rope 3 or 4 times per week. In-between, I ride my bike, go for a job, swim plus kayak to get my heart pumping. I also lift weights plus do lots of ab crunches. I’ve learned that a wide variety of exercises is the best for keeping fit. I like to find new ways to challenge myself. Now that I’m getting quite good at jump roping, I’d love to try another method of working out. I’m thinking of taking up rock climbing or even stand up paddle boarding. When a physical skill is a bit difficult plus takes a while to perfect, the workout is not only more demanding but more of a challenge, however the time passes quicker. I then feel good about myself when I achieve the new skill.


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