The outdoor weather is a problem

Lately, I have been noticing that a single of my utilities has been operating slower than it normally does. One might think I am talking about my internet provider but I am not. I am speaking about my natural gas service. I noticed this because the burners on my stove and in my furnace are not as strong at the same levels as they were a month ago. It is not the biggest difference, however it is noticeable and I am a bit worried about what this means. I called the power supplier about this and they said it was rationing due to a temporary shortage. It is the middle of winter, I need to run the furnace to heat my home, and there is currently a shortage of gas? This is completely insufficient and I let the customer repair representative recognize about it. To be fair I should not have yelled at him, however it is mind-blowing that there is not enough gas to go around right now. I think like I should be using another kind of power source however that would be an fancy hassle to undertake. I would have to purchase a current furnace and have an HVAC professional hook it up to the rest of the HVAC system. That is thousands of dollars I am not prepared to spend right now. The guy at the power supplier did say this was only going to be a temporary thing and that they are still able to deliver all the people with gas, however the thought that something like my furnace or tepid water heating system could all of sudden be useless in the middle of Winter is a cold a single.