The out of hand gathering

I had a genuinely big party at my condo when I graduated from school.

Having this wild party was possibly the biggest mistake I ever made! The entire party got out of hand and my condo nearly got destroyed in the process! I had to hire professional cleaners to take care of everything afterwards.

It was a lot of money to pay that cleaning staff since they went above and beyond the normal line of duty. One of the things that they charged me extra for was cleaning the ductwork with my HVAC machine. Someone had decided to dump their beer inside the air vent and it ran all through my ductwork. The inner workings of the HVAC ducts were sticky and smells bad. The dust inside the ducts meshed with the beer to make a foul odor when the HVAC turned on. To wash up the air vents was a sizable thing as they had to get up on these special ladders because I have high ceilings. I still to this day can not believe someone genuinely thought that was a funny thing to do. Now that I think about it, not all of the people at the party were even friends of mine. I bet it was some pissy boyfriend I never met. That guy costs me money for the cleaning crew and I had to hire an HVAC professional to do ductwork cleaning. I wanted to make sure nothing was damaged in the process. The HVAC could have been hurt too.
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