The oldest HVAC system ever

The greatest trick my real estate agent ever pulled was convincing me this money pit was a good investment. I swear, that guy must have gone to Hogwarts because he pulled out some real magic in making all of these flaws temporarily disappear. Now that I am here, all moved in, I realize I made a huge mistake, but the agent is long gone and now I must lay in the bed I have made for myself. First of all, the flooring is atrocious and needs to be fully replaced in at least three different rooms. Even more alarming to me right now is the state of the HVAC system, which appears to be slightly older than I am. Air conditioners usually have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, depending on who you bought it from and how well you maintain it. This AC system I moved into is well past the expiration date, and although it still works a little I know the days are numbered. The furnace looks to be older than my grandfather, and doesn’t work at all which will be a big problem come winter. I am thinking about killing two birds with one stone and getting radiant heated flooring for the rooms that need new floors. That will not help my AC problem of course, but it will increase the value of my home and make the first floor very toasty come winter. I need to contact a few different HVAC contractors first and start getting some bids before I make a final decision.

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