The ocean breeze felt amazing

I’ve regularly lived in a moderate temperature so you can imagine our surprise when my husband and I went on trip and stayed at a quaint cabin-style hotel in the North and found out there was no a/c, but there was a temperature control and my husband turned it all the way down however the cooling system did not kick on so I called the front desk and they informed us that there was no a/c, just a heater. They suggested that we could open the window and turn on the fan and we would be comfortable. They said they “wished it got toasty enough for an a/c” and then laughed. Sure enough, once I opened the window, it was nice and comfortable in the room within fifteen minutes… I have never honestly thought of that before, however it makes sense. When I lived in the South, I didn’t have a gas furnace because I didn’t need one so is it honestly so unusual that an a/c is not needed in the North? No. I guess not. Out of curiosity, the next time all of us were traveling up North, I called a few of the hotels and asked and almost none of them had a/cs. Most of the chain hotels did however the cute little cabin-style ones all did not. I much appreciate the style of the cabins and, as they said, the a/c is honestly not needed anyway, so I booked at the same locale I had stayed before. There is something nice about an river breeze blowing through your windows and cooling your cabin.

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