The northern cold and poor heating equipment

Every winter I go back up north to help my mother teach gymnastics classes.

Coming to the north in the winter is brutal. After living most of the year in the south, my body has adjusted to better weather. The northern winter is not just cold, it is brutal. The first thing that hits me is the dry air quality. With the snow, ice and heating equipment, there is no moisture in the air. My nose always bleeds during the winter. My lips chap, skin rashes and I have static hair the entire season. I get where I can’t wait to return to my southern home and feel that wonderful humidity. Sure, a humidifier could be paired with my parent’s heating equipment. But, the house is so big I don’t see it doing much. The heater system can’t even take a break to allow the air to be normal. From the start of fall until around the middle of spring my parent’s run the heating equipment. The heater never can be properly inspected by an HVAC contractor either. The heating device needs to be off and cooled down in order to be cleaned, oiled and calibrated. In the north, sometimes it feels like going from one winter to the other. There simply is no time to get the heater checked out. Usually my parents clean it themselves and just hope for the best. So that means the heater is noisy, dirty and sometimes quits during the night. It is nice teaching classes with my mother, not so nice staying at their house with the horrible heating.

Electric heat pump