The new UV light filter and allergies

I have been an allergy sufferer most of my life.

When I was living at home with my parents, this wasn’t such a bad thing because they had an amazing HEPA filter that really helped control the amount of dust, dirt, and germs that would linger in the air.

However, when I moved out on my own and got stuck in a junky little apartment, the indoor air quality was less than desirable. I wanted to purchase a HEPA filter like my parents had at home. The HEPA filters were on sale at the local HVAC business too, so you would think that it would be the perfect time to buy some. The problem was, they were all sold out by the time I went to get some. So I opted for some standing air purifiers instead. Those air cleaners helped but they just couldn’t do the same job. So I started looking for other options. What I found was a UV light filter. These you could purchase from your local HVAC company and they work by attaching to your heating and cooling system. From there everything the light touches will kill any germs or bacteria that could be lingering in the air. The only problem is you have to check on it often enough to make sure that the bulb has not burned out. If the bulb has burned out, having a UV light filter is not going to do you much good. I got one of these for myself to try them out and I have noticed that it seems to be improving my indoor air quality. I later was able to also get a HEPA filter and the two working together fixed the bad indoor air quality problem.


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