The natural gas furnace in the basement started making some weird noises

My wife plus I find ourselves in a very weird predicament right now, then we have been wanting to build my own lake house from scratch for some time now, plus the two of us finally sold our old lake house in order to get enough capital to start building our modern 1. We are so excited, however something happened that the two of us never expected. We sold our first lake house before the two of us found the property that the two of us want to build the modern lake house on. We decided that the two of us would have to end up renting for a little while longer, however a neighbor of a neighbor heard about our situation plus provided us her own house… She lives down south all Winter time long, so she has an empty lake house that she told the two of us are welcome to use. We took her up on her kind offer, plus the two of us are now staying in her house. We are so thankful to be able to stay there rent free, so it makes residing in a really seasoned lake house worth it. We have noticed a few weird things in the lake house though. The gas furnace downstairs in the basement makes some rather weird noises, and at first, I thought that someone was down in the basement in the dead of the night, so I made our wife take her gun plus go check. It was no 1; it was the natural gas furnace. It makes sort of a banging noise. We called the owner of the home, plus she said that it has always made that noise. We asked her if she wanted us to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to take a look at it, plus she said that it would not be necessary. We cannot wait to start building our modern home, despite the fact that I am quite happy to find out more creepy things about this seasoned house.


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