The modern apartment building is not what I expected

When I finally got a promotion at my place of work and started making a little more currency, I could afford a much nicer apartment.

  • I was absolutely gleeful to transport into a more current apartment building located downtown, and the building featured all sorts of conveniences and amenities.

I had access to a really nice fitness center with an impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment. There was laundry facilities, a game room and conference rooms… One of the major selling points of the place was the temperature control. The utilities were included within the rent. There were many separate temperature control units within the apartment, allowing for zoned heating and cooling. It wasn’t until I moved in that I realized some of the serious disadvantages. Three independent temperature control units within a fairly small area is ridiculous. I really didn’t need to set a different temperature between our tiny room and tiny residing room. Because the building was easily temperature controlled, the windows were unable to be opened. The management of the building determined whether it was the right time of year for heating or air conditioning. If all of us happened to get an unusually freezing day in July, I was stuck with the air conditioner device. All I could do was turn it down. If the weather happens to be sizzling in February, I had no way to prevent an influx of heat from the HVAC vents. The location of the apartment building was also a major complication. Being situated downtown was beautiful for the close proximity to shopping and nightlife! However, trying to find a parking area was always a nightmare. I only stayed in that current apartment building for a single year.

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