The middle of winter

 When our parents give us advice,most times it goes in 1 ear and out the other. We never genuinely listen to them plus we don’t realize that our parents know best until we’ve learnt that for ourselves the hard way! I have been in this situation numerous times, the most recent experience having to do with my apartment.

           When I first set out to move into my own apartment, I insisted that I do it on my own. I set up all of the appointments plus toured numerous apartments. I was absolutely hung up on one particular  apartment, but the property owner would not respond to my calls for weeks; My mom warned me that this was an awful sign… She insisted that if I were to move in, he would be unresponsive if I had any issues. In hindsight, she was right. I moved into this apartment, despite her concerns! After a few weeks of living there the Winter season began, and my heating device started to make some strange noises. I called our property owner, but he didn’t answer.. A few days later, the noises stopped, but the heating device shut off entirely.

                I was so anxious because it was the middle of Winter. I went weeks without any heat. I called our property owner almost twenty five times without an answer. I stayed with my folks for those weeks until I finally got the property owner to come over. It took a threatening text for him to respond. Turned out, the heating plan was due for a replacement for weeks plus he was avoiding it. He neglected to tell me this as well! Next time, I will take my parent’s advice more seriously.

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