The lobby is certainly cold

Almost everyday, I can count on having a patient tell myself and others that the lobby is too warm or too cold; There is a nice explanation for this! Although the patients only lay in the lobby for a few minutes colorless waiting on their therapist to call them back, they constantly feel the need to comment on the temperature of the lobby! With the giant floor to ceiling windows, it is strenuous to keep the lobby at a temperature that pleases most people, and i am the a single who spends the entire afternoon resting there in the drafty office space, so I feel I should have reign over the thermostat, and occasionally when patients complain about the temperature of our office, I walk over to the thermostat and pretend to adjust it! Even if I absolutely adjusted the thermostat each time, the patients are not in our office long enough to know the difference.

I am regular with the thermostat and how slow it adjusts the temperature in the room once adjusted.

I guess that some people care about to find anything to complain about and will do just that. Today, there was a patient that mentioned how warm it was in the lobby. I was unaware that the temperature outside had risen 20 degrees since I arrived to work at 8 am. I felt exhausting that the lobby was so warm, and the patient entirely thought that I was a maniac! I feel the best solution to this concern would be to invest in a small, portable space furnace for under our desk.

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