The larger a/c technology

My best buddy and I decided to go to a concert; The concert was in another state, and the drive was a significant distance, and even though it would take 5 hours to drive a single way, our best buddy and I really wanted to see our favorite band play, and my best buddy has an older truck with thousands of miles. My car isn’t in much better shape, so all of us decided to rent a car… I have amazing credit, and I had no problem getting a rental car from the local agency. To insure all of us could arrive to our endpoint before the sun went down, my buddy and I left in the afternoon. Then both of us were planning on spending the weekend, and the concert was not until the next morning. Yet the A/C stopped blowing chilly air an hour into our drive. Both of us could not figure out what to do, so all of us called the car rental company. They offered us the name of a company that could fix the A/C or supply us a different rental car. The company was only twelve miles from our new location, so all of us reluctantly decided to head in that direction… Yet I decided to try the A/C again while all of us were driving. This time, the A/C came right on and started to blow icy chilly air. My best buddy and I did not guess what to do. Both of us decided to keep driving to our endpoint, and hoped the A/C would continue to work. Both of us managed to drive another 200 miles before the A/C stopped blowing icy chilly air again. Both of us decided to keep driving to our final endpoint, and have them help us at that time.

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