The indoor atmosphere

My twin brother and I turned 16 together, and we both started looking for a job to put a little bit of money into our pockets. My twin brother and I put many applications in two different areas around town, and finally heard back from a little seafood restaurant in the village. My twin brother had to work in the kitchen of the sea food establishment, but I got a job working as a waiter out in the dining area. Both of us loved our job for a long time, until the weather started to get warmer. We had started working in the middle of November, when the outdoor weather was cool and crisp. By the time April rolls around, we realized that our Seafood establishment was without a cooling component. I was perfectly fine in the dining room, because there was a cooling component to help. My twin brother working in the kitchen was not so lucky, and it was clear that the cooling component did not reach as far as the kitchen. My brother and I before we could no longer put up with the lack of a cooling component. The temperatures inside of the restaurant we’re close to 90° on a Saturday afternoon, and our boss didn’t seem to want to do anything to remedy the problem with the indoor atmosphere. That was enough for both of us, and we decided to search for a new job that we could do in the air conditioning. I was lucky to find a job at the local Target, and my brother took a job delivering paperwork to offices.

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