The HVAC unit was still running

It was a lovely Sunday when I had been getting my things prepared for football on TV. Snacks, check. Cold drinks, check. A house to myself? Check! I could watch the game with no interruptions at last. When I sat down to get comfy and turn the game on, I noticed it was getting pretty tepid. I was thinking that maybe it was just me getting into the game, but then I heard this terribly loud banging sound from outside. It scared me half to death, as I never heard anything like that before. Though my HVAC system seemed to be running on the inside of the house, the outside didn’t sound like it was in good condition at all. I ran outside to look at the HVAC system, seeing that the fan on the A/C unit was spinning like crazy. Still, the air was getting hotter in the house, and I had to turn this air conditioning unit off altogether until I found a fix for the problem. After cutting power to the A/C unit, I went ahead and called an HVAC service company to send someone out and take a closer look at it. Once they finally showed up, The HVAC workers had to inspect my outdoor A/C unit, only to then go back to their company warehouse and grab a new air conditioner fan for my A/C unit. After they came back to switch out the old fan with a new one that wasn’t torn apart from hitting the fan guard, the HVAC workers checked the inside of the house to verify and see if the air was cooling back down. Since it was, their work was through!

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