The HVAC technician in my house looks scary

Have you ever noticed that certain lines of work attract some of the scariest looking people? When my furnace broke down, I hired an HVAC technician from the only HVAC company in our small city.

Now, this HVAC company has some of the most reliable and trustworthy HVAC technicians in our state.

However, they also have a reputation for hiring some scary looking people from rough backgrounds to work on air conditioners and furnaces as well. Typically, these scary-looking HVAC technicians don’t do service calls at people’s houses, because it is bad for business. However, they must have been running low on people who could do service calls, because the HVAC technician that they sent out to fix my furnace was downright frightening! When I opened the door, it took everything in me not to worry that this HVAC technician would steal something or shot me while trying to fix my furnace. I showed the man where my furnace was, and I retreated to the other side of my house as he was working. I had a list in my head of every valuable object that was in the basement with my furnace. However, when he came back up, he told me that my furnace was fixed. He kindly asked if there was anything else he could help me with. I asked the HVAC technician about his background, and he told me. Apparently, this man was a veteran, and he got most of his tattoos in the service. After retiring from the military, he took up the HVAC trade. I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

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