The HVAC products are now at a premium

My stepdad just got a new Heating plus A/C unit.  He has had the same heating and cooling plan for over 20 years.  The old man actually did get his money’s worth out of that furnace and A/C system.  I thought it would gag and die 10 years ago. But, my stepdad doctored it along. He told myself and my brothers he entirely thought he would croak himself before he upgraded the heating and A/C.  I’m blissful he outlived it but, it has been quite a job getting the new heating and A/C unit installed. My stepdad can be a cantankerous cheapskate of the highest order. But, in a fine way. He’s not evil or obnoxious but, boy he can be stubborn.  The heating and A/C supplier advised replacing the ductwork in his beach house. Stepdad was having none of it. The air ducts were original to the beach house plus had actually served their purpose. I couldn’t convince him to upgrade them. So, all of us came to a compromise by allowing an air duct cleaning crew to come in.  They would scrub out decades of junk accumulated in the ductwork. More substantially, they would seal all the gaps along each segment joint of the ductwork. This was the section I knew was imperative. Once that hurdle was overcome, the heating and A/C installation was underway. Everything was put in plus ready to rock. My stepdad was super pleased with the price he had acquired for the whole package.  The heating and A/C maintenance guy was blissful to have satisfied a valued customer. But, then came another roadblock. Stepdad balked at signing up for the service program. He doesn’t love signing up for anything. He would much rather schedule an appointment. Yet, the warranty stated clearly he had to have professional, stressed service. With a bit more coaxing, everybody was finally able to walk away pleased.

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