The hotel is much cooler

My family seemed to split up and move away after everyone hit college age. I felt a little sad myself when I decided to head out of state to attend a university, but it was either that or ditching college. When I finished my time in school, I decided to move back home and pursue a career near my folks. To my surprise, I moved back home and found that even my grandparents moved way down south. I was so eager to tell them about my time in school and the position I was offered at a local manufacturer, so I was willing to take a trip down to see them for a few days. After booking my flight and my hotel, I was happy to be flying down to see my grandparents again. Upon arrival to their home, I was greeted by their open arms – and a god-awful wave of heat coming from their front door. It must’ve been at least eighty-five degrees in their condo! Immediately, I asked why their condo was so hot, and they thought nothing if it, claiming it was comfortable. Thankfully, my hotel would be much cooler – at least, I’m sure it would be, but the place was overbooked. It was terrible, only because I knew my grandparents would insist that I sleep at their condo. They gave me a pillow and blanket, which seemed more like a joke than genuine care. There was no way I was going to get any sleep in this condo!

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