The heating and air is awesome

My sophomore year of high school I decided to join the debate team.  I lived in an area with dreadfully warm summer time hot plus cold temperatures plus the region where our debate camp was being held was one of the hottest of the states.  I was just hoping the dorms had amazing air conditioners. I arrived at the week-long camp plus checked in at the student center. The air conditioner in the lobby of the student center was so nice, especially after being crammed into a bus with no air conditioner.  After signing in plus getting registered in our classes for the month the two of us got our room assignments. Me plus our roommate walked back out into the scorching sun plus got our bags. After dragging them up two flights of stairs to our room the two of us were dripping sweat.  Every one of us were so gleeful to turn on the air conditioner plus kneel down for a nap. I went over to the temperature control that was on the wall plus turned on the cooling system, however nothing happened. Every one of us called one of the camp supervisors plus she came to look at it.  She messed with the air conditioner unit that was underneath the window, however to no avail. She told us the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation was already closed, however she’d call again in the afternoon, however unfortunately for us, she never called the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service shop again, despite our constant nagging.  They provided us a few electric fans, however they were no match for the heat. The most relief the two of us got was eating in the student union every day plus getting to like the air conditioner for a while separate from having class. I hope that no else had to live separate from a cooling plan that week, it was torture.

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