The heaters in our school were turned too high

I would rather be in a classroom where the air conditioner was stuck on too high of a setting than to be in a classroom where the heater was stuck on too high of a setting. Just last week, somebody in the office broke the thermostat in our school, and it caused every single furnace in the building to start running on the highest setting. Within a few minutes, every single classroom in the school was being heated to at least 90 degrees, and all of us began sweating. Even during the summer, no classroom got as warm as the furnaces were making them at that moment! If the air conditioner in the schools is stuck on the highest setting, we are able to bundle up a little more to remain comfortable. However, when the furnaces are stuck on, you cannot take off many layers of clothing without getting in a huge amount of trouble. The school announced that we would need to stay throughout the remainder of the day, regardless of what the furnaces were doing at that moment. They told us that an HVAC technician would be arriving shortly to try to fix the furnaces and the thermostat. If he was able to fix it quickly, we wouldn’t have to worry about the furnace or the temperature of the room. Sadly, it took him the remainder of the day, and the furnaces didn’t start running normally until the next day. We made it through one day, but I never want to be in school again when the furnaces stop working.



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