The heater was working slowly

Relocating for a job is very stressful.  You leave behind everything that is familiar, family and friends, and strike out on a new chapter in life.  This is what I went through over the summer and I was never so nervous in all my life. I grew up in a small farm town in the midwest.  I had never seen the ocean and there I was, standing on the sandy shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The company I work for had relocated to the Southeast to save on taxes and cost of living expenses.  With all the savings, they were able to pay our moving costs and give each of us that were willing to go along two weeks pay to cover extra expenses. This allowed me time to find a new place to live that I would be comfortable with. I looked at several apartment and none of them seemed quite right.  They each had the basics, such as appliances, air conditioning, and even laundry facilities, however, I kept thinking that something was missing. Then it hit me, there was no mention of any sort of heat in the apartments. I found this odd because, where I grew up, you would never think of not having heat.  Actually, having air conditioning was a rarity back home. I then started asking the complex managers about heat. Some said that it wasn’t included because no ever needed it others said that people just used space heaters when it got cold. Apparently this didn’t happen often but I still wanted it available if I wanted to turn it on.  I finally found a complex that had mini split units installed that could heat or cool the apartments as needed. I signed the rental agreement right then and there.

heating system