The heater is silent

I’m incredibly fortunate that my home has radiant flooring everywhere.  This kind of heating has different benefits that make it the most economical and special type of temperature control available.  Although it does not offer cooling capability, this is not so bad, honestly. Where I live is normally super cold and wet for most of the year.  I don’t need a/c, but heating is an absolute necessity. I care about that the radiant plan is totally concealed beneath the floors. There is no ugly equipment taking up living area and forcing me to arrange furniture around it.  There are no vents split into my walls and ceilings blasting dust and tepid air into the room. There is also no HVAC duct wasting energy, taking up area and making noise. In fact, the radiant plan is silent. There are no sounds of the heating plan starting up or shutting down while I was in the night, no rattling of pipes and no whooshing air.  Because the heat is activated by water instead of air, it is far cleaner and promotes healthier air quality. I don’t need to worry about increasing air filters, because radiant heating doesn’t require air circulation. Instead, it infuses the heat into the air which helps avoid temperature stratification. This also keeps my house nice and clean, and protects the health of my family.  With how safe, wash and energy efficient hydronic heating is, I am surprised it is not found more often in public settings, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and day cares. Radiant heating even provides the choice of a snowmelt plan to eliminate plowing, shoveling, and is a much safer alternative.

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