The heater is great

I often wonder about older people and their need for added heat.  It seems like when people get old, they also get cold. That isn’t me, because I am really hot-blooded.  I mind the heat something fierce, and I would even carry a portable air conditioner with me for when I am outside, if I could.  My mom used to be the same way, but not anymore. Now, I am walking around in my shorts and tank top, and she has her ratty old sweater pulled tightly around her.  I can only pray this does not happen to me when I get older, because it I think it looks strange. My mom has a friend who lives in an assisted living home. She is also in her 90’s.  I can’t stand to take mom to visit, because I have to sit in that apartment with them. It is always so hot in the room, and I try to find a place to sit that is close to the air vents.  I sit there and wish for even a whiff of cool air conditioning. I’m looking directly at the thermostat, however, and I know that it is set at eighty, so I’m out of luck with the air conditioning.  I just sit there and keep my mind on the thought that we will soon be leaving. I sit there and try to keep my mind off the thought that I feel like I am going to either throw up or pass out, because of the heating in the room, and I hope that mom will soon want to leave.