The heater and a/c choices

When I took an unexpected pay decrease last month, I panicked looking for ways to slash our personal budget.  I decided to stop buying coffee, any kinds of fast food, or any extraneous popcorn or drinks out of the home. I purchased a few timers to plug our lights in our home into.  They automatically power down in predetermined time schedules in case I forget and waste energy leaving them on. Then I frantically searched our loft for all of the outlets with appliances and other devices clogged in and put everything on surge strips.  That way, anytime I’m leaving our home I can actually unplug everything with just a few button presses, preventing any energy draw from the outlets themselves. But when I read recently that even the best central Heating and A/C systems in homes still lose up to 30% of energy to the duct labor alone, I started to look for alternatives to keeping the weather conditions controlled in our house.  I knew that window cooling systems existed, but I was curious if there were other “ductless” options available that went beyond those and their advantages. In our research, I found 1 particularly popular solution that reflected an easy budget and price range. If I wanted instant results with little upfront cost and idiot-proof replacement, then the people I was with and I could buy a portable cooling system.  The most complicated part of replacement is the 6 inch diameter hose running out the back that attaches to an exterior window, transferring the overheated air tired from the machine outdoors. Likewise, a small plastic tube runs out the back as a basic condensate drip line. My local hardware store has options in prices ranging from $200 to $500 depending on the size of the space affected and the desired strength of the machine.  In just a matter of minutes, I had a brand modern portable cooling system installed in our house.

ductless cooling