The harsh cold in the house

My siblings in addition to my self lived in a rural area without many friends. Our closest neighbor was on the other side of the community, as well as everyone lived far from the town. Tom was nothing more than a couple of stores that service the area. There was a small Grocer in addition to a drugstore. We also had a single Diner that offered beers to go. My parents in addition to myself used to love going over to the Firehouse to sit as well as hang out with the guys. The people I was with as well as myself would usually go there after school as well as spend more than one hour sitting in the area. The area was always bustling with people as well as they were nice to the kids. There was a large furnace in the area where the trucks were kept, as well as the people I was with as well as myself would always get to sit by the furnace. On a very cold day, more than one of would sit in front of the furnace and warm our hands and feet before heading back home. Many of us odd those fire trucks as well as thought about how we could grow up one day as well as become a fighter of fire. The people I was with as well as myself hastily knew that our options were going to be low, but having the time to sit with those guys gave us the chance to know that we could do something with our life in addition to leave that one horse town.

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