The Gym Stinks of Sweat And Mildew

I can’t live a day without going to the gym.

I would love to have a toned body that I have always been dreaming of. My workout at the gym is designed to complement my strict diet. However, it would have been nicer if the gym has good indoor air quality. I can truly understand that a lot of people go to the gym, their sweaty bodies will leave a trace of their smell in the gym’s indoor air. The bad indoor air quality of the gym got bad during the summer. It is understandable since people would love to achieve that summer body that they can flaunt when going to the beach. A lot of people were already at the gym when I went there thus increasing the heat of the room. The massive number of people on that day seems to make the performance of the air conditioner slow down. The gym’s HVAC equipment seems to be very inefficient and underperforming. I found a vacant treadmill and started my exercise. Before I knew it, I started to get dizzy with the mixture of scents and bad indoor air quality. I tried to focus on my workout but cannot. I nearly fainted but luckily, one of the gym instructors saw me slumped on a chair. He then assisted me to the door so I can have a breath of fresh air. The management learned my condition. Good thing, they increase the performance of their cooling equipment. They also put fans around the gym to make people more comfortable. The following day, I went there early in the morning and saw that the gym staff opened the windows for a while to let fresh air in the building. This is to promote good indoor air quality. On my part, I also make sure that I stay hydrated at all times. I also brought with me cooling products to keep my temperature at an ideal weight amidst vigorous training.


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