The greatest summer

The greatest summer was this past one when my parents decided to upgrade the cooling system in the household.

  • Before that we had a struggling central A/C system and a couple of A/C window units just to keep somewhat cool in our home.

They finally decided to upgrade the cooling system when they saw a commercial on TV for 50% off installations of brand new cooling systems. They got a great deal and the cooling system was excellent! It was so nice after being outside in the hot weather to come to a perfectly cooled house. It made it easier for me to enjoy myself when at home and we also went to all sorts of cool places like water parks, the beach, and places like the aquarium. It was just a very fun-packed and memorable summer. I think I appreciated the new cooling system more than anything though. Not only were my parents happy about the great deal they got for the new cooling system installation, but they were pleased because the cooling system was incredibly energy efficient. This meant that we could crank up the cooling system and we were actually paying much less money on the energy bills than before. I can’t tell you how unbearably hot it used to be in the household, but these days my room feels great and I actually heard my parents talking about something called HVAC zone control. They said they are thinking about installing that so we no longer have to fight over the temperature control settings in our home.



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