The good tech

For some reason I have always been a sucker for technology.

From my childhood up until now in my late 20’s I have usually been the first 1 to get their hands on that newest product that dropped.

I think that you might recognize that this is stupid & I am wasting my money on things that I don’t need, but for the most area this habit of mine has paid off in the long run. For example, 1 of the latest things that I have invested in is radiant flooring for my home; Radiant flooring is a concept that isn’t legitimately popular in the section of the country that I live in for whatever reason, but once I did some research on the cost benefits that homeowners have after investing in this heating source I was all on board, at the time that I had the radiant flooring installed which was only a few weeks ago I barely had any money to get enough groceries for the month much less radiant flooring. Through taking out some loans & saving up I was able to get the money I needed to hire the local HVAC business to install my radiant floors. It has only been a short amount of time since I made the change & I am already blown away by the difference compared to my aged heater. In a year or so it will be able to pay itself off, & all those people who thought I was an idiot for making the change to radiant flooring will have to eat those words!
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