The garden party cooling control

Last week, my hubby and I threw a garden party for our friends and neighbors. See, we have this other set of neighbors named the Stones, however they’re a rich couple, and a bunch of snobs. So they were the ones we were trying to impress more than anyone else, ironically, all the people were more obsessed with how cool and cozy it was inside of our house. That’s when we remembered that just the week before, we had the Heating and A/C maintenance corporation come to perform a thorough inspection of the house; During that inspection, the maintenance corporation was able to tune up our air conditioning system system and replace the air filter, while also cleaning out the air duct to ensure there was no dirt or dust being circulated with the air, but not wanting to fight the crowd, my hubby and I shrugged as we walked back inside. That’s where we saw the Stones, mingling with some of our guests. We then approached them to thank them for attending, to which they said there was “nothing better to do”. Oh, so petty! Anyway, we asked if they had a chance to see our outside garden, which they claimed they had. “We’re more interested in knowing who handles your home’s HVAC unit – it’s undoubtedly cool in here, plus I believe you folks didn’t invest in a high-powered air conditioning system!” My hubby rolled his eyes up as he explained how we have a maintenance plan for our home’s Heating and A/C system, and little to nothing more. They seemed unimpressed, so they continued to mingle with other guests.

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