The furnace needs a new thermostat

He had to drive back to the shop to find one.

It’s certainly getting freezing out there right now, plus it’s going to beginning snowing any hour. The temperature has dropped almost 10 degrees in the past 2 hours. Ice is starting to form on the windows. My home is so very cold, mostly because the furnace isn’tfinally working properly. Thankfully a furnace repair supplier is working on fixing the problem. I called them early this day when I got up plus realized that the home was becoming cold. Both of us had experienced some trouble with the furnace late Last year too, however we fixed the concern without calling a professional. When I 1st woke up plus felt the ice freezing floor, I knew the furnace was having complications again. I contacted the furnace repair supplier plus made an appointment. They weren’t legitimately very busy, so I had repair within 2 hours. The furnace repair serviceman came by plus looked for the problem. It only took a few hours for him to realize that the furnace thermostat was the culprit. It wasn’t finally working, so the furnace could not regulate the indoor temperature. That area is certainly straight-forward to fix, however the serviceman did not have any thermostats on their work truck. He had to drive back to the shop to find one. That was almost an hour ago, plus I haven’t heard back anything since that time. I hope he will make it back here before it starts snowing, because our long driveway can get pretty rough when it’s slippery. Both of us are at the top of a hill, plus it’s quite treacherous driving in the snow. Unblessedly, the clouds are already rolling in fast, plus I still see no sign of our furnace repair guy.


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