The furnace has a lot of dust in it

For last couple of weeks, whenever I have started up my gas furnace, I had noticed an odd burning smell wafting from the unit. This was common in the past,  but the smell usually went away shortly after. However, this smell has persisted and continues until I shut the gas furnace off. Due to this, I decided it would be wise to have an HVAC professional take a look and see if anything is amiss. When the HVAC professional arrived, he could tell what the issue was with my gas furnace almost instantly. He said that the gas furnace was coated with dust and debris which had accumulated due to a lack of regular cleaning. I was slightly embarrassed, since I am on top of keeping the house clean. After wiping out the gas furnace, the HVAC professional examined it further, but could not find any specific complications with the unit. He suggested that I maintain cleaning the gas furnace, because apparently if I neglect it, the dust and debris could cause a serious fire within my unit. When he told me this, I was pretty shocked. I did not think that my lack of regular maintenance could certainly lead to a serious emergency, yet here we are! After the HVAC professional told me of this of this I have set up a periodic servicing where he will come out to clean and inspect my gas furnace every couple months. This repair will keep the gas furnace working properly and will reduce my fear of fire from dust and debris building up. I’m so lucky that I decided to have an HVAC professional examine my gas furnace.