The Free Smart Thermostat Deal

I have to totally tell you about this awesome deal I got when I bought myself a brand new digital thermostat.

There was this one heating and air conditioning supplier that was having sales on digital thermostats, and I happened to have needed a new one. My old thermostat broke on me a few days earlier, and I had been without heating or air conditioning. This was ok for the time being because right now, it is the fall months and no one really uses their heating or cooling for the next 3 months or so. I figured this was the perfect time to get the brand new digital thermostat. Also, since there would be no rush or health risk being without heating and air conditioning, I could really take my time to chose the exact digital thermostat I wanted to buy. When I did select the digital thermostat I wanted to purchase, I found out there was a really sweet deal with it! They were offering the option to have the digital thermostat turned into a wireless thermostat with smart technology for free! It was all part of the sale! Of course, if I did not want that, I could stick to the basic digital thermostat. But of course, I wanted a smart thermostat! So I took them up on this one time only free offer! When I told my family and friends about it they could not believe it! I was so proud and happy to finally have a smart thermostat in my home. And the fact, that I paid absolutely nothing extra to get it!

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