The foul smells in the air quality

The stench of burnt food can kill any bit of an appetite I have. I have never really been the biggest eater in the first place. I was always under the impression of eating to live and not living to eat. Just getting a whiff of a burnt meal in the oven can really make my stomach turn for some reason. In my last home there was a major spill inside the oven, so any time we tried to use it, the entire house would smell like burning grease. Let’s just say I lost a lot of weight that year. My new house is a lot better, mainly thanks to our amazing ventilation system that is set up all over the house. I can only assume that the previous owners hated air conditioning and therefore wanted to find a way to increase natural ventilation instead. I can tell you that this is in no way as good as a real air conditioner, but it’s still pretty great for the house. It wasn’t until it reached eighty-five degrees outside that we even realized we didn’t have an actual air conditioner it was so great. The way it worked so well was how the intake air vents were placed. They were able to pull air from outside to create a crossbreeze around the house. This kept us really cool most of the time, and it also gave us the cleanest and purest indoor air quality I have ever experienced. I don’t even think I could go back to regular air conditioning now.

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