The Florida weather

Back when I was in college at the University of Tampa in Florida, I was working hard to get my degree in music and music education. I also was dabbling in Performing Arts and I would look for places to play in public whenever I could. I played violin, and you would probably be surprised at how many places there are to play violin music in the Tampa Bay, Florida area when you’re going to school. I played at several different wedding ceremonies in local Tampa area churches and I was even hired to pay at this cool event called the Epiphany Celebration in nearby Tarpon Springs. Well, eventually, I played in enough venues around Tampa that people started to recognize me, even though I was just a regular old college student at the University of Tampa (go Spartans!) It turns out that the Florida Orchestra, which plays a lot at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, was in desperate need of a third chair for their violin section. I went to the offices of the Florida Orchestra and auditioned, and amazingly, I was chosen to play third chair for the Florida Orchestra in Tampa! Not only was I surprised that I did well at the audition, but I was offered the third chair violin seat in the Florida Orchestra! We played at the Straz Center every other weekend the entire time I was in school and it was a great experience for me. Who would have ever thought that messing around with the violin would help me get through school and even help me pay for my college education?

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