The first home

My fiancĂ© and I are looking to get our first house together and it couldn’t be more exciting. The only problem is that we pretty much disagree on every aspect of the house because we are such opposites. She wants a pool, I think of all the costs of a pool. I want a large yard for our dog, she would rather have a nice balcony. I cook all the time so the kitchen is important to me, she would rather have a nicer shower and bathroom and isn’t interested in finding a nice kitchen. Although we agree on everything else, it has been tough to find a house that fits both of our needs. We are looking at larger houses, so one thing that has been coming to mind is what our energy bills will look like. She loves it when the house is about 60 degrees, I on the other hand want it to be near 80! I have been reading about HVAC systems and found out that we could do a zoned heating and cooling system. This mean that’s when I am in the office I can have the AC unit off, while she can be in the room with the AC unit blasting. She has agreed with me that we should call an HVAC technician when we get our house to get a new AC unit and furnace installed since we both are so particular about our temperature settings. When we install the zoned heating and cooling we will be making sure that we have smart thermostats and heated floors as well.

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