The fireplace is just not cutting it

Thankfully, more than one of the winter months are about to be done. I say this thankfully, because it seems that the people I spend my days with plus certainly a few others have had to spend an arm and a leg on fuel this year. The people plus myself have certainly use more than one gallon of fuel that is normal for our apartment, but recently it seems that it’s been even more than two. A lot of folks wouldn’t understand how this can be so much, but doubling your fuel consumption isn’t like adding an extra gas to your tank. When we run out of fuel for that furnace, the people I was with a plus myself are stuck to use the furnace fireplace for the remainder of an evening. The fireplace is great for our home, and it is one of the best things to have in the area. Unfortunately the people I was with plus myself are at the age now when it has become very difficult to manage a fireplace. A lot of fuel for this fireplace needs to be split and then also cut. In order to keep up with demand, the wood constantly has to be coming in and out of the living room. There’s always wood chips on the floors and they get stuck in my feet and hurt like hell. This fireplace can be some work and the people I was with plus myself have often thought on a few occasions about getting an electric fireplace that would run better than this old wood one.

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