The fireplace awaits

When my uncle passed away, he left everything to me, including the mess. It isn’t that he had a lot, but he had this lovely old cabin out by the lake. I remembered going there as a child. My mom and dad would wake us up early on a Sunday morning and whisper that we weren’t going to church today. It wasn’t that we were excited about skipping church, but the only reason we would skip, was if we were going to the lake. Going to the lake meant that we would be able to stay in the cabin. The floors, walls and ceilings were all made of the same plank wood. My uncle said the wood came out of the old barn that once stood right on that site. There was a huge fireplace right in the middle of the giant living area. It was open on three sides so that no matter where you sat in the room, you could have a view of the roaring fire in the fireplace. I used to always tell Uncle Norm that when he died, I wanted the cabin. He must have taken that as a true request because he gave me the cabin. I know his daughter wasn’t happy with this decision, but it was mine. She wanted to sell the property because it had become prime property for developers, and she made it well known. I went into the cabin after finding out that it was mine, and there sat that beautiful old fireplace, looking like it was waiting for my return.

gas fireplace