The EPA can’t get it done

You never know what you’re going to get when you pick up the phone at an HVAC repair office. Sometimes it’s people calmly asking for a tune up, sometimes it’s someone being irate over their broken AC unit. This morning I acquired a frantic call to my office this particular day from a family in need of both a higher indoor air pollen level control & the services of an air conditioner, heating & ventilation business, in general.  It seems that the family has been experiencing persistent and critical dust sensitivity-type symptoms for some time now, & after much time they have finally called myself and others to help them with this serious ventilation issue. My Heating & A/C business is well known all throughout the section for having the ability to help you at any time with your every heating, cooling or ventilation need, so I really do know I will be able to help them.  The caller continued to tell myself and others that morning that their young child has always had dust irritations, however in the recent weeks now the dust irritations are actually making him sick. The child’s primary doctor commanded this potential patron to get with an air conditioner business simply in order to raise the indoor air pollen levels for the child, & also to have it done as soon as possible to save him. He then asked about an media air cleaner for the sick child to be put in place.   I went on to tell him that another way to fully deter the allergens wanting to take up residence in your air duct or other sensitive parts of your air conditioner is to have that cooling system filter changed at least bi-weekly, that way the dust & dirt don’t have the opportunity to even begin to accumulate, possibly making you & your family truly sick.

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